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FARMAKON's Product Manufacturing

FARMAKON's L.L.C. manufacturers a comprehensive line of the highest quality organic and wild harvested herbal products for our clients health concerns. Farmakon Inc., a 56 year old herbal extracts & tinctures, herbal remedies, medical ointment and therapeutic skin care line production company, licensed by the Estonia Health Administration since 1961.

FARMAKON is organized under European manufacturer’s regulations. European governments regulate the quality, safety and effectiveness of any herbal or therapeutic skin care products. European manufacturer need to prove all product quality by ingredients quality certifications, effectiveness by clinical studies outside of company and historical information of use.

FARMAKON purchases ingredients from all over the world following European Quality Control regulations.
FARMAKON produces every product in an extremely sterile environment to protect the products form bacteria, yeasts and molds.
The European Health Department gives the permit for manufacturer to manufacture and sell herbal or therapeutic skin care products if the product has required documentation and manufacturer proved product’s quality. All Farmakon's products have full information of product attached.
Most U.S.A producers cannot sell herbal or skin care products to Europe because manufacturers lack of product certification.
What clinical research has been done?
FARMAKON's Product Development Team of medical herbalists, biologists, doctors, cosmetologists and dermatologists have researched modern Clinical and Scientific Studies from around the world. Many of the Case Studies are available over the internet by entering any herb or ingredient into a normal search engine. Farmon is continually researching the latest Clinical Studies and discoveries from around the world, to analyze any new information that will help develop the safest and most effective products possible.
How is production in Europe different from USA?
In Europe, plants are regulated as “Herbal Drugs” when they are proven by Clinical Studies. Herbal Products are a special regulatory category monitored by government agencies that require manufacturers to provide conclusive evidence of the safety and effectiveness of any Herbal Products, before allowing it to be sold in Europe.
The USA government does not require manufacturing standards to ensure safety, efficacy or other important aspects of quality.
FARMAKON is a European company that provides full disclosure about the products including suggested use, warnings, cautions and safety that are required by European regulations and attaches this required information to the products.
FARMAKON, working under European manufacturers regulations, must conduct clinical studies, safety and efficacy testing and demonstrate manufacturing quality control.
USA federal regulation does not require full disclosure of herbal products including suggested use, warnings, cautions and safety. The buyer is responsible to find out or know full information about the product ingredients.
USA does not require clinical studies, safety and efficacy testing or manufacturing quality control.

Where can I learn more information about the Siberian Chaga Mushroom?
Search the National Institute of Health (N.I.H.)
Use Latin name: Inonotus Obliquus 
FARMAKON's Skin Care Line are 76-92% ORGANIC and 99% NATURAL. Serums are 100% NATURAL.
FARMAKON's follows European manufacturer’s regulations. European governments regulate the quality, safety and effectiveness of any therapeutic skin care products.
Since 1950 there has been a tremendous rise in the use of chemicals in our everyday lives. Chemical are cheaper and much more convenient for manufacturers to use than natural ingredients. The overall health of our skin and entire body suffers as a result. The long term effects of chemicals on the body are still unknown.
All products are tested by Cosmetologists and Dermatologists for skin irritation and allergy. FARMAKON's products have never been tested on animals.
Does FARMAKON add Fragrances?
FARMAKON does not add any Synthetic Fragrances. Most FARMAKON's products are unscented to avoid any kind of skin sensitivity. FARMAKON uses only Essential oils as a fragrance for a few products and Serums.
What does FARMAKON use as a Preservative?
-Gels and Toners (Green Tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Germall Plus)
-Creams and Lotions (Green Tea, Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E, Germall Plus)
FARMAKON's Preservatives Blends utilize the lowest levels of Germall Plus (free from parabens). Germall Plus is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeasts, molds and common organisms. Germall Plus has a safe toxicology profile and has been evaluated as safe for both rinse-off and leave-on formulations.
Has FARMAKON's preservative been laboratory tested?
In 2005, Microbiological Laboratory in Estonia made anti-microbial tests with many natural solutions as Biopein, Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), CITRICIDAL™ and other different natural preservative blends. The Microbiological Laboratory tests showed mold, yeast and bacterial growth in every oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions samples.
FARMAKON's Preservative with Germall Plus was also tested at Microbiological Laboratory where tests showed the prevention of mold, yeast and bacterial growth.
FARMAKON needs to provide an annual samples and The European Health Protection Department can randomly collect samples of products without advanced warning,  2 times a year, to test products, for mold, yeast and bacterial growth. *USA federal regulation does not require annual or random safety and testing for mold, yeast and bacterial growth.
What can mold, yeast and bacterial growth do to my skin?
Mold, yeast and bacterial growth can cause skin infection.
Are there 100% Natural Preservatives available that work?
As of 2006, there is not a single, 100% natural preservative for available in the marketplace, that prevents mold, yeast and bacterial growth in oil-in-water & water-in-oil emulsions. European companies cannot sell products with only a natural preservatives.

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