The cost of postage and packaging is added to the price of the Product in the price list: to Estonia 3 euros; to Latvia and Lithuania 7 euros; to Finland 10 euros per order. The Seller transports the products ordered to the Buyer using the Itella SmartPost parcel terminal. When the order arrives at the parcel terminal, a message is sent to the Buyer’s mobile phone containing the location of the parcel terminal, opening hours and a personal door code. When entering the code on the touch screen of the parcel terminal, the door of the parcel terminal will open and the Buyer can then receive the parcel. The parcel is stored in the parcel terminal for seven calendar days from the time the door code is sent.

In exceptional cases (if no SmartPost parcel terminals are near your place of residence), another way of transporting the order is possible, which must be agreed on with the Seller by e-mail ( The costs of the delivery of goods are borne by the Buyer.

The order is completed and posted within 3 (three) working days from the submission of the order. When using SmartPost, the order will be delivered to major Estonian cities within one to two days after being posted. Delivery times to more distant areas may be slightly longer. Delivery time is 7-10 days outside of Estonia. If a longer period of time has passed from the time your order was placed and the order has not reached you during the abovementioned period, please contact us at or by phone +372 5627 5859.

If the products you have ordered are currently not in stock, you will be notified of this separately by phone or e-mail as soon as possible and you will be given notice of the possible delivery time. If the Seller is unable to complete the order or the Buyer cancels the order due to a longer delivery time, the amount paid for the Products is returned to the Buyer.