About us

Glaeniline Laboratory was founded in 1961, Tallinn, Estonia.
Glaeniline Laboratory hired the most experienced Herbalists, Pharmacists, Chemists, Biologists, Dermatologists and Cosmetologists in Estonia to manufacture herbal products, nutritional supplements and all natural skin care products to treat health problems and skins ailments such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Scars, Sun Damage, Acne, Enlarged Pores, Sagging Skin and Wrinkles.

In 1992, FARMAKON continued the earlier work of Glaeniline Laboratory’s
Thanks to a long experience and the teamwork by the best and experienced specialists: pharmacists, chemists, biologists, dermatologists and cosmetologists a perfect and exclusive line of skin care has been created. New products were developed, old ones were improved and Farmakon expanded the market share in Lithuania, Latvia, America and Scandinavia and Russia, where Farmakon products are still being sold today.

The nature of the FARMAKON UNIQUE Natural Cosmetics is -traditional old – fashion cosmetic recipes of the past.
FARMAKON`s products are 98-99, 9 percent Natural. These UNIQUE, high-quality products, offers the special skin care, that make women and men maintain a natural healthy, and younger looking skin.
After continued use FARMAKON`s skin care products, skin finds natural balance (restoring influence). The skin does not get addicted to after long use.
Products also recognised as: helps to maintain natural moisture balance, controls surface oiliness, leaving skin feeling smooth, looking fresh, clear and radiant.
FARMAKON cosmetics do not include animal derivatives and none of them have been tested on animals.

All of the products have been approved by the Ministry of Health of Estonia.
Products are tested by Cosmetologists for skin irritation and allergy and approved by Beauticians, Cosmetologists and Massage Therapeutics.

Introducing Farmakon`s products today, we urge you to take care of your skin and body, to look young and beautiful all the time!