Privacy policy

Personal data processing

The Buyer provides the Seller with clear and informed consent to the processing of their personal data (name, telephone number, e-mail address).

The Seller retains the contact information entered about the Buyer during the purchase and information about the purchases made. This data remains confidential during data handling and is processed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The personal data required for the Products to be sent to the Buyer will be forwarded to the company providing the logistics service.

The data communication between the Buyer and the banks is encrypted ensuring the security of the Buyer’s personal data and bank data.

The personal data that has become known to the Seller is entered into the customer register and used for providing sales services and offering goods to the Buyer.

The Buyer has the right to refuse from having their data retained in the customer register of the Seller. Please inform the Seller of your wish to have your data deleted from the customer register at or by clicking on the link ‘unsubscribe from receiving newsletters’ when receiving a sales offer.