What is MUMIO and where harvested?
EartHerbs MUMIO is an organic alkaline supplement, wild harvested NANO NUTRIENT from the earth’s richest humate source, the Tian Shan Mountains. This mountain range is unique in the world for it’s great diversity of organic matter due to the ideal climatic conditions of temperature, moisture and sunlight. Geological pressure and centuries of time, compress this abundance of organic material into bio-available Mumio for human consumption. Over centuries, through geologic pressures, the Mumio slowly melds with Fulvic Acid where it remains bioactive, even after wild harvesting. Fulvic acid has the ability to remain biologically active for over 1000 years. This geological level of aging with Fulvic Acid allows for the organic minerals and nutrients in Mumio to shrink to lowest possible NANO SIZE molecular weight, thereby guaranteeing absorption inside the human cell membrane.
MUMIO is an extremely complex substance, consisting of both organic and inorganic elements. MUMIO is supra-molecular NANO SIZE compound and comprised of minerals & macro-elements, rare amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and other complex organic elements.
MUMIO is a powerful Antioxidant due to its ability to hold or donate negatively and positively charged ions. MUMIO is high in ionized Electrolytes, which are essential for normal function of cells, organs and every major biochemical reaction within the body. They help to control the fluid balance of the body, regulate hormones and improve enzyme catalysts.
MUMIO is classified as an adaptogen, which are distinguished by their ability to uniquely adapt to the biological condition of each individual.
The main content of Mumio is organic humic matter (60-80%) and mineral matter (20-40%). Mumio is clinically studied and proven by scientists and researchers worldwide to yield the highest quality Fulvic Acid.

Quality of EartHerbs MUMIO?
EartHerbs MUMIO is supplied by a GMP certified Kyrgzstan Government licensed company and is tested by the Government department of public safety inspectorate laboratory for harmful pathogens, microbiology and heavy metals. The manufacturer uses a low heat processing technique which is protected under international patent. Processing of the Mumio entails the removal of the humic portion to leave only the pure concentrated extract. Click here for laboratory tests and license.
An important role in the formation of Mumio is the climatic condition of the region from which it comes. Within this region are found many thousands of plants and herbs. For example, the Tian Shan Mountains Mumio’s have a great variety of highly bioactive material, combined with the proper climate (temperature, light and moisture), which contributes to the development of Mumio.
The general character of this region facilitated the formation of specific plant forms enriched in oils, alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, chlorophyll, carotenes, flavonoids, cumarines, etc., each serving as a valuable raw material for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The diversity of plant materials causes a unique variability of animals in the region, and wild animals from this area differ biologically from animals of other parts of the world as characterized by a richer content of microelements and biologically active compounds in their organs and muscles.
While Mumio samples from different regions may appear to have the same color, smell, and consistency (tar-like), their chemical composition, and thus their usefulness in medicine and sport, is often different. Thanks to many years of experience by researchers and athletes, it is well accepted that Mumio from the Tian Shan Mountains region is the most potent and useful for medicine and sportsmen.

Why does EartHerbs extract MUMIO into alcohol?
EartHerbs proprietary alcohol extraction process, allows the maximum nutritional benefit of the Mumio to be absorbed by the human body. Alcohol acts as a carrier to drive the Mumio into the blood stream through the mucous lining of the mouth. The absorption through the sublingual system allows for maximum bio-assimilation of Mumio by bypassing the destructive effects of Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) produced by the stomach.


ELECTROLYTES in your body are essential for normal function of cells and organs. ELECTROLYTES help restore electrical balance to damaged cells and neutralize toxins. ELECTROLYTES help control the fluid balance of the body and are important in muscle contraction, energy generation, and almost all major biochemical reactions in the body. ***An active lifestyle of exercise, sports and other physical activities such as gardening and house cleaning among others, calls for the need to replenish lost ELECTROLYTES. Sweat, muscle fatigue, cramping as well as acid forming foods, illness and stress can all produce acids that naturally diminish and consume ELECTROLYTES on a daily basis.

-Dehydration, exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramps

-Influenza / Flu, Cold
-Food poisoning
-Bacterial infections
-Viral Hepatitis
* For fastest relief, do not hesitate to use on first day when symptoms occur due to cold, flu or digestive relief due to food poisoning.

-Increases strength and muscle mass
-Enhances performance
-Improves recovery time

-Promotes faster healing of broken bones, damaged, soft and connective tissue
-Helps to strengthen, fragile & week bones against Osteoporosis
-Helps regeneration process of nerve cells.

Assists the treatment of the peripheral nervous system. Reduces nerve inflammation and regenerates nerve cells

-Seasonal allergies
-Inflammation of upper and lower respiratory tracts
-Chronic lung conditions, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis

-Liver detoxification
-Fatty or enlarged Liver

-Urinary tract and kidney infections

-Food poisoning
-Ulcers, acid reflux and sour stomach
-Gastro-intestinal diseases and IBS
-Inflammation of gastrointestinal tract and bowel function
*Improves Digestive Function

-Atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, Angina. *Improves regeneration of cardiac muscles and nerve cells.

-Improves circulatory function
-Reduction in varicose veins
-Thrombo-phlebitis reduction in swelling and pain.

-Increases hemoglobin in the blood. Maintain proper level of leukocytes
-De-acidification of blood

-Menstruation irregularity, hormone balancing, strengthens the sexual organs and their functioning
-Gynecological infections

-Hormone balancing, strengthens the sexual organs and their functioning

Strengthens cellular integrity

An Organic combination of Rare Amino Acids (Asparagine Acid, Glutamine, Glycine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Serine, Theremin, Tyrosine and Valine), Fulvic Acid (Humic Acid), Vitamin-B Complex, Essential Fatty Acids, Silica Terpiniods, Phospholipids, Polyphenols Complex, Steroids, Sulfur, Peptides, Vitamin P (Citrines).
Organic & ionized essential minerals: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium.
Organic & ionized trace minerals: Iron, Zinc Manganese, Copper, Iodine, Phosphorus, Selenium.

MUMIO is high in FULVIC ACIDS which is nature’s most powerful and natural ELECTROLYTE.
FULVIC ACID assists at every stage of cellular metabolism, provides respiration, increases metabolism of proteins and activity of multiple enzymes, enhances the permeability of cell membranes, cell division and elongation, contributes to electrochemical balance as a donor or an acceptor, decomposes silica to release essential mineral nutrients, detoxifies pollutants such as pesticides and herbicides. Restores electrical balance to damaged cells and neutralizes toxins.
ELECTROLYTES are substances that become ions in solution and acquire the capacity to conduct electricity.
ELECTROLYTES are essential for normal function of cells, organs and major biochemical reactions within the body.
ELECTROLYTES help to control the fluid balance of the body, regulate hormones, improve enzyme catalyst and the overall function of the immune system.
*An active lifestyle often calls for the need to replenish lost ELECTROLYTES.
*Acid forming foods, fasting, cleansing, illness and stress can all produce acids that naturally diminish and consume ELECTROLYTES.


Nature’s Recipe for Bio-available Nutrients
Mumio is formed when organic matter comes into contact with Fulvic Acid. Fulvic Acid is formed from beneficial micro-organisms that consume decaying vegetation and other organic matter in an oxygen and humic rich soil environment. Fulvic Acid has the ability to dissolve and combine organic, non-organic and metallic micro-nutrients, into supra-molecular NANO structures.
Over centuries, through geologic pressures, the Mumio slowly melds with Fulvic Acid where it remains bioactive and bio-available, even after wild harvesting. Fulvic acid has the ability to remain biologically active for over 1000 years. This geological level of aging with Fulvic Acid allows for the chelation of nutrients in Mumio to an extremely low molecular weight, thereby guaranteeing absorptions by human cell membranes.
The main contents of Mumio is organic humic matter (60-80%) and mineral matter (20-40%). Mumio is known by scientists and researchers worldwide to yield the highest quality Fulvic Acid available.
The soil in the Tian Shan Mountain regions contains an abundance of nutrients, minerals, trace elements, and rich humus soil layer teaming with beneficial micro-organisms. Because the soil nutrients do not leach and eroded into the sea the soil remains exceptionally fertile. These friendly microbes are vital for good health. Beneficial micro-organisms are thought by leading natural health experts to be one of the most important “missing link” in the modern food chain and directly or indirectly holds the keys and solutions to many health problems. Modern agricultural farming has stripped the soil leaving it extremely deficient in beneficial micro-organisms.
To the science of living cells, Fulvic Acids are vital in bringing substantial amounts of nutrients into water solution and delivering their carbon based energy into the cells of plants, animals and humans. Whenever minerals come into contact with Fulvic Acid, in a water medium, they are naturally dissolved into an ionic form. These minerals literally become part of the Fulvic Acid itself.
Fulvic Acids lowers the surface tension of water allowing the water to penetrate into other organic molecules better, and it has been shown to increase the solubility of otherwise insoluble organic materials by a minimum of 20X (2,000%) greater than plain water alone. Fulvic Acids react with high molecular weight organic compounds allowing the compounds to become water soluble.
Fulvic Acids are Alkaline and the lightest fraction of the three humic substances. Fulvic Acids are complex compounds with the ability to attract and hold both negatively and positively charged ions, thereby creating complex compounds rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Fulvic Acid assists at every stage of cellular metabolism, enhances the permeability of cell membranes, cell division and elongation, decomposes silica, restores electrical balance to damaged cells, controls fluid balance, regulates hormones, improves enzyme catalysts, and overall function of immune system.

How long does Mumio take for the body to absorb?
It happens immediately. Fulvic acid remains bioactive for thousands of years which allows the nutrients to be broken down, or chelated into NANO NUTRIENTS of the lowest molecular weight possible. These low molecular weight nutrients are 100% permeable to human cell membranes. These complex, ionized, supra-molecular nutrients are quickly dissolved back into their basic chemical components, due to the fact that enzymes are not required to break them down. Nature has already done the work over 1000 years to produce a NANO size molecule that requires no catalyst for immediate use by the body.
What does Mumio do inside the body?
-Strengthens immune system against viruses, pathogens and bacterial infections
-Increases metabolism of vitamins, minerals, macro & micro elements and other nutrients
-Enhances the permeability of cell membranes, cell division and elongation
-Contributes to electrochemical balance as a donor or an acceptor
-Decomposes silica to release essential mineral nutrients
-Restores electrical balance to damaged cells
-Maintains optimum alkalinity and pH levels
-Provides vital electrolytes and other vital elements
-Helps correct digestive system disorders
-Regulates the thymus and thyroid glands
-Acts as catalysts for enzyme reactions
-Repairs and regenerates cells
-Oxygenates the blood
-Balances hormones
-Suppress allergies
-Enhances fertility
-Reduces menopausal symptoms
-Strenghtens muscles and bones
-Helps gain muscles
-Reduces the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation
-Improves quality of sleep
-Helps regenerate cells
-Helps regenerate damaged tissue

What do research reports conclude about MUMIO?
MUMIO possesses high immune-modulating, natural antibiotic, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-swelling properties, which permits its successful usage for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and conditions. Many researchers argue that MUMIO is the most complicated natural medicine known to man.

What is the History of MUMIO and has there been Medical Studies completed?
Whatever it’s exact origin, there is no denying its great medical properties. Mumio has been used in folk medicine of different countries for almost two thousand years.
To locate the origin for the word Mumio, one would have to go back 2,500 years to the time of the ancient philosopher and scientist Aristotle. He proposed the first procedures for testing the compound as well as its initial preparation in grape juice, honey and milk. Mumio is often used by ordinary persons to treat bone fractures and strains of muscles and ligaments, stomach disorders, nervous and cardiovascular problems, the inflammation of joints, and impotence. It is a good bio-stimulator, serves to elevate the immune system and neuro-hormonal regulation, controls oxidation-reduction processes, and has a positive influence on mineral metabolism.
Al-Imam al Azam Abu Hanifah Muhammad
Perhaps the earliest references to Mumio come from Al-Imam al Azam Abu Hanifah Muhammad (699-767), regarded as one of the most important Islamic scholars of his time. The followers of Abu Hanifa gave him the title “Imaam al-Aadham” which means “greatest of the Imaams.”
In his writing, Abu Hanifa reported that bees cement their honey with wax and cover this with a black material. Abu Hanifa noted that this black material, known as Mumio, was one of the most effective means against bruises and injuries.
After Abu Hanifa’s initial writings about the power of Mumio, others followed and all agreed that the substance gives strength to the entire body, particularly the heart; normalizes organ function; strengthens sexual organs; alleviates cramps; heals stomach illnesses, blood problems and ulcers; expedites bone healing and much more.
The “Tears of the Rocks,” as it has been called in its native land, has for centuries been regarded as a National Treasure in Russia. The Russians have established that Mumio contains zoo-melanic acids, essential humic acid and quantities of micronutrient minerals in balance with the physiological processes in the human body.

Mumio has been used by the elite Russian National sports authority for nearly four decades for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as for its recuperative powers. Mumio is used extensively as a performance enhancer within the armed forces to help prepare cosmonauts before and during space travel, and as an important part in the restoration programs of national and Olympic-level athletes.
In studies conducted at various universities in Russia, Mumio was found to improve workload (weight x repetition) by as much as 15-27% and dramatically improve recovery time.
The most recent survey of the practical applications of Mumio have come from Moscow through the efforts of Drs. A.A. Altamyshev and B.K. Kortshubelkov and supported by the Russian Committee of Cosmonautics. To date, several hundred research investigations have been conducted on Mumio which clearly point to its mechanisms of action and its usefulness.
In sports, Mumio is prized for its significant tonic and anabolic effect on both physical and mental processes. According to many coaches and physicians inside the Russian national program, the Soviet government allocated a budget of five million rubles to the USSR State Sport Committee for research and application of Mumio as a natural anabolic for sport use in the preparation of athletes for the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul. Thanks to this research, plus much practical experience using Mumio in sport over the past several years, it is now well understood why the compound is highly beneficial to athletes.

Short-term cycles of use (10-12 days) are all that is necessary to reach the stimulating (restorative and anabolic) effect of Mumio in sport. These cycles are often repeated 3-4 times after a 15-20 day break. The effects include the activation of the anabolic processes on the cell molecular level in different organs and systems (blood, liver, myocardium, skeletal muscles, lymphatic system, central and peripheral nervous systems, skin and hair, and gastro-intestinal tract).
Mainly because of its growth-promoting ability, Mumio has become popular among Russian and other East European athletes. Mumio is commonly introduced during the periods of high intensity training and on into recovery.
EartHerbs Mumio Extract is given at a dose of 60 drops for 2-3 times daily. The first course is a half-hour before training (preloading). The second is a half to one hour after the workout (for short-term recovery). The third is taken one hour before bedtime (for long-term recovery and growth).
What\’s the best way to use Mumio for maximum sport result?
Dr. Sergey Sarymsakov (the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Kirgizy Academy of Sciences) recommends short cycles of Mumio for 7-10 days.
EartHerbs Mumio Extract is given at a dosage of 120-180 drops daily. The best period to use Mumio is during the last week of a hard training cycle and for about a week into recovery. This course can be repeated after a 2-3 week break. The result will commonly be a significant increase in recovery, a more efficient adaptation to training.
According to unpublished information (personal communications with Russian elite athletes, coaches, and sport scientists) such a pharmacology plan allows for an increase in the intensity of the training loads (volume and weight) within both micro and macro-cycles by 15-27 percent! This is a significant improvement at any level of sport. Furthermore, Mumio considerably facilitates the complete long-term overnight recovery as documented by the morning biochemical (creatinine and lactate concentration, lymphocyte and neutrophile ratio) and hormonal (testosterone to cortisol ratio, the norepinephrine to epinephrine ratio) blood and urine test.
There is one more aspect of the benefits application of Mumio to sport, which relates to its adaptogenic attributes. Like other adaptogens (Eleuthrococcus, Ranatarin, Ginseng, etc.), Mumio can be effective at preventing age-related hormone-dependent disorders and correspondingly should have been considered as a nutrient for noncompetitive athletes over the age of forty who still participate in fitness programs. An opinion exists (A. V. Blagovestshensky, Kologrivova, 1985) that the stimulating attributes of Mumio relate to the high content of dicarbonic acids (succinic, glutamic and aspartic). These bioactive instances appear in the final substance as a result of oxidative deamination of amino acids during the long-term conservation (formation) period of Mumio (V.A. Vib, 1981). The same mechanism is thought to be responsible for Mumio’s outstanding anti-inflammatory and healing effect. It’s very beneficial at reducing joint soreness of the knees, shoulders and elbows of heavy lifters.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.